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Wedding and Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

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Let us invite you to paradise! Sri Lanka, known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian ocean’ off the southern tip of India. Its magic still hasn’t been fully revealed to tourists, which gives it unparalleled primacy for its grace, authenticity and peacefulness. Undoubtedly, this is the ideal destination for your barefoot wedding! We are here to make it real for you.

Marry Me Barefoot™ is not a random wedding agency. We are are not only your wedding planner, assistant, designer and advisor but foremost your personal confidant. We can plan your wedding  as an intimate ceremony, a short or longer wedding holiday, or even a full wedding & honeymoon experience in the region. Marry Me Barefoot is a universal company with an individual approach.

Why such wedding?

It will bring priceless value to your wedding experience. From the accommodation and dining to the ceremony itself, your memories simply cannot be compared to those of a traditional wedding. Beautiful weather year-round is undoubtedly another benefit. So if you prefer quality over quantity and a unique experience, the barefoot wedding is for you! Together with your family and friends on an exotic island, intimacy, unity and confidentiality are guaranteed.

A barefoot wedding is an unforgettable travel holiday in itself. What’s more, you can enjoy your honeymoon immediately after!

After traveling the world together, we happened to land in Sri Lanka. One day, weeks after getting engaged on a speedboat in Istanbul, we decided to get married. Having spent a year in Sri Lanka, I chose this picturesque island as our wedding destination. It was extraordinary, just as our love has always been…the reality truly surpassed our dreams! -- LEA

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