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Rakesh Taurani

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Rakesh TauraniAs Executive and Business Development Head of Sports Centrum Puchov (, Managing Director of Odema Ltd known by its brand name Solarvolt, specializing in new Solar technologies (, Managing Director of Odema Renewables India Pvt Ltd which has won 12 different small and big tenders in India, and last but not least MD of Indo European, Slovakia as part of the Deccan Water Treatment from Pune, India, Mr. Rakesh Taurani spends half of his time in India and half in Slovakia. Born Indian, living in Slovakia for almost 12 years now, Rakesh Taurani constatnly seeks opportunities how to connect Central European business with India and vice-a-versa. With an attitude of let’s do it and lets go get it, he is always ready to take the responsibility and share his experience with others always looking for new technologies specially in Renewable Energies. Mr. Taurani worked in the past as Head of Foreign Trade at Veena Enterprises Dubai, part of the Dayal Steel Group, where  he was responsible from sourcing to selling for over 3 years, later worked as business head for Textile World, Slovakia for 3 years. If you have any specific questions to him, feel free to write him email at taurani(at)

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